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User IDs and password were mailed to all primary units of local government in April 2011. If you are having difficulty logging in, please contact the Local Audit and Finance Division using the contact information below.
Let us help you with budget forecasting!!!
Click on the link "Forecasting Tool" under reports for an Excel template that allows you to use past financial data to project a budget up for up to five years.
The F-65 is due within 6 months after the fiscal year end of a local unit. All units of local government, regardless of population, are required by Statute,to file this form annually! (MCL 141.424)
Users can upload the F65 Excel spreadsheet directly into the electronic filing system. Simply Login, click on "Skip Introduction", click on "Upload F-65", "CLICK ON THE "SUBMIT F65". This applies a date time stamp. The system will not recognize the form as filed without this.
User Input
Is there a different report you would like to see? Do you have suggestions to improve the system? We are looking for your input. Please notify us using the e-mail address below. Place "F-65 Suggestion" in the subject line.